Gentlemen, start your engines! Ground pounding action, action, action!

The worlds best loudspeakers are staged every year in October at the Tulsa Raceway. We find out what's loudest, lowest distortion, deepest response, flattest response, and highest overall quality. We're also be interested in things like size and weight, so it isn't just about the biggest brute. But the biggest brute is definitely there!

• 2005 Prosound Shootout Coverage and Test Results
• 2006 Prosound Shootout Coverage and Test Results
• 2007 Prosound Shootout Coverage and Test Results

The price is $10.00 for admission to the raceway, and for that, you can stay all day for the prosound event and through the evening for the racing event. If you're interested in bringing gear for evaluation, please write and let us know. We'll be putting together a schedule and there is a limited amount of time, so reservations for a time slot are only available to the first to commit. Don't miss this!

After 6:00pm, the track will have car races. That night is test-n-tune, when racers are running and calibrating. You can even bring your car and run it if you want. There will be everything there from street cars to nitrous burning ground pounders. So stay and enjoy the races, you can come and go as you please through the day and evening.

The racing complex has all the power we'll need, 110v, 220v even up to 480v three-phase. So we're set for power. The stadium seating on the north side of the track provides cover, so should we get rain, our equipment won't be exposed.